What is Hostelling International?

What is WaterNlife?

What is the Goal of Our Collaboration?

Hostelling International is working with WaterNlife to make sustainability goals a reality, by encouraging its community of 4 million young people to use LifeStraw water filter bottles instead of single-use plastic bottles.

LifeStraw bottles are the perfect travel and backpacking companion and will make sure you always have access to clean drinking water during your outdoor, hiking and backpacking adventures.  LifeStraw bottles are more than just a simple water bottle.

The award-winning LifeStraw® technology that is incorporated in all LifeStraw products removes bacteria and protozoa. In addition, many LifeStraw products, such as the LifeStraw Go 2-Stage, LifeStraw Flex, LifeStraw Play and LifeStraw Steel, also reduce chemicals and other chlorine, bad odour, and taste, as well as organic chemical matter are built into a durable BPA water bottle and makes it perfect for outdoor adventures or as your daily hydration partner.

Are you ready to start your next travel adventure in a sustainable way?

WaterNlife wants to support you on this endeavor and we offer you an exclusive discount!

Just enter the code HI-DRINKCLEAN at the checkout and get 15% OFF all LifeStraw products.