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LifeStraw Community

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LifeStraw®Community High-Volume Water Purifier for Emergency Preparedness, Disaster Relief, and Public Health Settings

The LifeStraw® Community is a high-volume, point-of-use community water purifier with built-in safe storage. It provides microbiologically safe drinking water for schools, health facilities, workplaces, as well as community settings.

How it works

Since it is designed for emergencies and humanitarian work, the LifeStraw®Community is our highest capacity, longest lasting water purifier. It provides safe drinking water for communities, educational and institutional settings while preventing waterborne disease such as diarrhea, typhoid, cholera, and worms by filtering particulate matter larger than 0.2 microns. It uses an advanced ultrafiltration membrane and meets the highest requirements of the World Health Organization and the US EPA, removing virtually all viruses, bacteria, parasite, and microplastics from the water. As it is built for harsh conditions, the LifeStraw® Community is easy to assemble on-site and requires no batteries, spare parts, or chemicals.

This water purifier contains a 25-liter source water tank as well as a 25-liter safe water tank. It can filter up to 100,000 liters. Therefore it can provide clean drinking water that is enough for 100 people for several years. The LifeStraw® technology has been independently tested and certified to meet EU directive 10/2011 and EU directive 1935/2004 regulatory standards.

Features and Benefits

  • Filters up to 100,000 liters (25,000 gallons) of water to 0.02 microns
  • Flow-rate of 9-12 liters (2.4-3.4 gallons)/hour
  • Removes 99.999999% of bacteria (E. coli)
  • Removes 99.999% of parasites (Giardia, Cryptosporidium, etc.)
  • Removes 99.999% of microplastics
  • Removes 99.999% of viruses (Rotavirus, Hepatitis A, etc.)
  • Eliminates turbidity (silt, sand, and cloudiness)
  • All parts are recyclable

Product Specifications

  • Total capacity: 50 liters (13 gallons)
  • Size after assembly: 33.5“ (850 mm) and 22“ (559 mm) in diameter
  • Weight: 282 oz (8 kilograms)

Kit Includes

  • LifeStraw® Community
  • Autofill adapter kit for attachment to taps or hoses
  • Assembly instructions
  • Built-in back-wash handle to ensure the longevity of the purification cartridge

Product Presentation

The Impact of your Purchase

With the purchase of each LifeStraw® product, one child in need receives safe drinking water for an entire school year. Giving back can be so easy! Learn more about how we bring clean drinking water to children in Kenya and India here.

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